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Boss Of A Bell

From Containerized Loads to dry and reef vans as well as tankers, Boss of a Bell is indeed a boss when it comes to Transportation solutions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to simplify your trucking options.


About Us

We make sure that your Goods Are delivered safely... LIKE A BOSS!

Boss of a Bell Logistics is a well established road freight transport and courier company located in Chicago, IL transporting a variety of general cargo and merchandise as well as food etc. Boss of a bell also has hands on other things, such as apparel, and sanity items etc… you can require those by clicking the blinking link here, we specialize in being staunch, responsible and prompt.

From humble beginnings the company started out a home based transport with inspiration to grow and exceed in everything we dedicate ourselves to, and with your help we can accomplish this goal. We work hard and pride ourselves on integrity, proper function, fairness and equality that is why we are the bosses of this great trucking industry.

You can also look forward to bossin trucking academy coming soon, were we teach you how to drive trucks like a boss,as well as getting you familiar with the break down and parts of the truck, 3 point backing, straight back, parallel, and stick shifting, up shift and breaking the gears, back down proper procedures on mechanics and operation as well as in class studies and tests on your general knowledge air brakes and combinations, not only that we will offer job placement upon your graduation date to ensure you get a head Start in your new career without the hassle of the disappointing speech about the number of years you been driving and your experience so Stay in tune with us for more updates.



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